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Bert Menco is a Chicago area- and Amsterdam-based artist (Paintings, Drawings, Prints, 12 images each). Current and upcoming exhibitions, interviews and articles are presented in the Links. Other sites that include his art: Fine Art America (54 images), anatomically correct (5 images), Exto (23 images), Saatchi Gallery (33 images), Culture Inside (91 images), absolute arts (20 images), Illinois Artists' List (6 images), the Columbus Library (Ohio) (10 images), and Facebook (1, 2, and 3).


“Heron Lady”
16" x 12"
“Tied Hands, Scattered Books” Pencil/color pencil
24" x 18"


“Salto Mortale”
À la poupée etching/aquatint/aquatinted background background
27" x 21"


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