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The three works shown below may entice you to peruse more of Bert's images within the Paintings,
Drawings, and Intaglio prints (etchings and mezzotints) sections. For Current
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The Links also contain references to two books with Bert's images, interviews by
Stephanie Hayden (with many embedded Links that illustrate the text), Julie Reichert-Marton,
and Amy Rudberg (on Bert's studio practices), a lecture (parts 1 and 2, Chinese), and a very insightful
review by Diane Thodos (also here). His Facebook pages can be found at 1, 2 and 3, and his Instagram account at 4.

Additional sites that include Bert's works (there is some overlap): FineArtAmerica (54 images), anatomicallycorrect (5
images), Exto (23 images), Saatchi Gallery (32 images), Culture Inside (31 images), absolutearts (20 images), and the
Columbus Library (Ohio) (10 images), to sites of artists and galleries not mentioned in Stephanie Hayden's
interview, to those of people and places that affected Bert's art,
as well as to art sites
that contain interesting general information or that are just art in themselves.

“Holding Off ”
21" x 15"
“Tied Hands, Scattered Books Pencil/color pencil
24" x 18"


“The Magician and the Tamer
24" x 18"


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